Student Services

Our student support team appreciates that all students learn differently and supports students in reaching their academic and emotional goals.

Available services include health and wellness, social-emotional counseling, and special education support. Should you have any questions about the services offered, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your child’s individual needs.

Health and Safety

Our health team works to promote the health and wellness of all students at GISB. They provide day-to-day care and oversee all public health requirements relating to our school, sports, and camp programs.  The GISB health team also offers health information sessions for students of all ages.

School Counselor

Our school counselor provides individualized mental health support to students and teaches social-emotional learning classes to middle school students. The counselor works to promote social-emotional and wellness growth in students and provides them with direct support and connection to resources. They also collaborate with teachers and families to support the needs of students.

Special Education

GISB’s Special Education Teacher supports all teachers in creating an inclusive environment that provides specialized instructions for students with learning differences. The goal of the program is that students with learning differences can benefit from the general education curriculum to the greatest extent possible when supported with supplemental aides, accommodations, and other support. Our Special Education Teachers works with teachers and parents of students in preschool through grade twelve.