Celebrating Our Student Representatives: Angelica, Shobi, and Lukas

As the academic year comes to a close, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Angelica, Shobi, and Lukas for their outstanding leadership and dedication to building our community. Their tireless efforts have fostered a sense of unity and collaboration among students and staff, significantly impacting our school.

Angelica, Shobi, and Lukas have played a pivotal role in organizing bimonthly assemblies, providing a platform for students to connect, share their achievements, and stay informed about school activities. Their creativity shone through in the planning and execution of these events, ensuring they were engaging and inclusive.

The monthly speaker series was another highlight of the year, featuring prominent figures like Eliana La Ferrara, Tiffany Florvil, Theo Tyson, and Veronika Durgin. These sessions provided invaluable insights and inspiration, broadening our students’ horizons and connecting them with leaders from

 various fields.

Additional projects include the Schönheitswettbewerb, SV Seminar, and Tutoring Club. Their support extended to numerous school events, including Step Up Day for various grades, Middle School Career Day, and participation in activities like the Lesewettbewerb. The creativity and enthusiasm of Angelica, Shobi, and Lukas were evident in various holiday activities, Valentine’s Day celebrations, and the mascot voting process. They are planning the upcoming Cross Grade Activity Day in September 2024, an event that promises to bring together students from different grades for a day of fun and collaboration.

Angelica, Shobi, and Lukas extended their efforts beyond our school, collaborating with other international schools in Boston to organize a college fair and creating a student representative chat. Their involvement in the decision-making and interview process for our new Head of School highlighted their commitment to our school’s future. Their insights and perspectives were invaluable in selecting a leader who aligns with our community’s values and vision.

Thank you, Angelica, Shobi, and Lukas, for your remarkable contributions and leadership. Your efforts have truly enriched our school community.