Ambassador Nicole Menzenbach

What makes GISB unique?
GISB is unique because of its community. Yes, graduates receive both the German International Abitur and the American High School Diploma, which is a great benefit for their future, but it is the people that make GISB truly unique. I have found the students at GISB to be well informed, open-minded, multilingual, and with a global outlook on the important questions of our times. The teachers and staff who shape these young minds are exceptionally involved and committed. And the parents are caring and devoted to the school. A close-knit community like that is not commonly found and is a rare gift in an educational environment.

What do you enjoy most about your work with GISB?
What I enjoy most about my work with GISB is the interaction I have with the whole GISB community. What stands out to me is the way how everyone works hard to make the school the absolute best place it can be.

What is the benefit of attending a German International School / Deutsche Auslandsschule? Why would you recommend families to consider GISB for their child?
My daughter Maya graduated from GISB in 2020, so I can share with you the benefits that she enjoyed directly. She now attends one of the most competitive universities in Germany, where she studies Political Science and Psychology. She has found that the majority of her coursework in Psychology is conducted in English, and her bilingual education at GISB prepared her well for her studies. In addition, she knows that she can return to the US at any time to continue her studies here if she so wishes. I think that is a wonderful option to be open to her. So, yes, I would definitely recommend GISB to other families.

About Nicole Menzenbach:

Nicole Menzenbach is the German Ambassador to New Zealand and the former Consul General of Germany to New England. During her time in Boston from 2018 to 2022, she served as an observer on the GISB Board of Trustees. She is also an alumni parent, class of 2020.

Nicole Menzenbach has worked and lived as a diplomat in Lisbon, Portugal, New Dehli, Inda, and Berlin, Germany. She began her professional career as an advisor for Joschka Fischer while he was a Member of the German Parliament and then as his Senior Advisor when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs. Nicole Menzenbach was a Fellow at Harvard’s Weatherhead Center for International Affairs from 2017-2018.

GISB teachers and staff are exceptionally involved and committed”