Kira McCaffrey Class of 2020

The large array of language classes offered at GISB has helped me greatly in college. My major even requires me to speak another foreign language, and my GISB Spanish classes fulfill that requirement for my degree. I also improved my public speaking while at GISB through the various presentations and talks we held in class, as well as through the Model United Nations club. This has prepared me for the numerous presentations I need to give in college and has boosted my confidence, so that I can easily answer questions in front of the hundreds of other students in my lectures.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most is the effort the teachers made to allow us to learn outside the classroom. We had the chance to apply everything that we were learning inside the classroom outside in the real world. We traveled to Germany and learned about German history in Hamburg and Berlin, where the historic events actually took place. In our art class, we participated in the Museum of Fine Arts Student Docent program, where we put our art history and analysis knowledge to use and led museum tours for GISB’s younger students. I also was given the chance to attend the German-American Conference at the Harvard Kennedy School, where I was able to see the inner workings of the German-American relationship. All of these activities outside the classroom not only gave me great memories that I will look back on for years to come, but they also prepared me for learning in college.

After graduating from GISB:

I am now studying at the University of Konstanz – Major: Literature, Art, and Media Studies

GISB taught me:

how to think for myself and work and communicate well with others.

I miss:

walking through the halls and seeing students of all ages, a first grader and a tenth grader could both be standing in line for the same water fountain.

“I am taking university classes in both English and German, and having had both languages in a native, academic setting throughout high school has given me a definite advantage over my peers.”