Anneke Sallis Class of 2015 | Teacher at GISB

Anneke is a self-proclaimed GISB-er for life. After graduation, she completed a fellowship in Communications at the School and has been a counselor at numerous GISB camps. She feels that the School helped shape her. In a recent college class about social identities, she observed: “We often talk about people incorporating the college they went to into their identity. It always stands out to me that people do not feel that way about their high school, but I do. GISB shaped my character and I will always treasure that part of my identity. Anneke plans to go teach at the GISB for years to come!

After graduating from GISB:

I studied Psychology at Smith College

I am now:

the Camp Coordinator and an After School Teacher back at GISB!

GISB taught me:

to be excited about learning! To embrace academics & not fret about High School

I miss:

Pretty much everything – that’s why I am back!

Best part of my job:

Getting to see the children grow over the course of a school year and finding joy in their excitement for learning.


Spending time with my dogs and cooking.

Working at GISB since:

I have never fully left ever since graduating with full-time positions some years and just working a week of camp during other years.

“The relationships I formed with teachers at GISB have made me a more confident student.”