Letter from GISB’s Head of School

Dear GISB community,

We all will have been watching the news of the war in Ukraine with deep concern. What we are hearing, seeing, and reading about the events in Europe is heartbreaking, and I am sure it will be on everyone’s mind when we return to school on Monday morning.

In this difficult situation, our thoughts, solidarity, and compassion go out especially to the members of the GISB community who have family or friends in Ukraine. We can hardly imagine what you must be going through right now. You can and should know that you are not alone and that you will be supported by the entire GISB community now and in the future.

Many of you might know that there is – as a part of our network – a German School in Kyiv. While the school is currently closed, to the best of our knowledge, members of the school community who wished to do so were able to leave the country.  The school is currently receiving direct assistance from the German Federal Foreign Office and the network of German International Schools within the region and beyond. I reached out to the Head of School, Gerald Miebs, who I have known for years, and let him know that the German International School Boston is ready and willing to help if we are needed.

For us as a school, the events show once again how important it is to let the next generation grow up in a spirit of mutual understanding, peace, international cooperation, and respect for one another. This task seems now more important than ever, and we know that we are supported in it by our families and our network of German international schools around the globe. This motivates and means hope for us.

Holger Wirtz

Head of School