High School students meet member of the German Bundestag


In early February, students in grades 9-12 had the opportunity to virtually meet Jakob Blankenburg, a member of the German Bundestag. Jakob Blankenburg was elected to the Bundestag in 2021 and, at age 24, is one of its youngest members. He is a member of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and represents the Lüneburg/Lüchow-Dannenberg district. He is a longtime advocate for environmental protection, an issue that is close to his heart

We had the opportunity to ask Jakob Brandenburg questions about current politics, his political views, and his career. He talked to us at eye level and took the time to answer our many questions, ranging from the German education system, Covid, and the conflict in Ukraine. He was very personable but serious, and even gave us a look behind the scenes. For example, he shared with us that he receives nearly 100 emails daily regarding Covid-19. We also talked about his work as a member of the Bundestag, what it means to work with the press, and how to learn to compromise.

Two high school students moderated the event and presented questions that students had prepared and collected in class prior to the meeting. The conversation lasted about an hour and we gained insight into the world and everyday life of a politician. After the meeting, we had time to discuss the interview and what we learned from it. The conversation with Jakob Brandenburg met, if not exceeded, our expectations! We are all very grateful for the opportunity and are already looking forward to more projects like this.

by Fiona Zawieja ’24