Grade 5 Students Take Action (and Want You to do it, too!)

How can you take what you learned in school and turn it into action? This was the question English Teacher Bindy Fleischman explored with her grade 5 students. First, students read in English class about young protagonists discovered in themselves, for example, Manatee Rescue by Nicola Davies, Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly, and Ten: a Soccer Story by Shamini Flint. While studying U.S. geography the following semester, each student chose a U.S. state for an in-depth research project. They learned about current events in the state, researched a particular challenge or issue facing the state, then came up with something they could do – and inspire others to do – about it, thereby activating their own agency.

Topics of the research and taking-action projects ranged from plastic pollution in Rhode Island, declining water levels of the Colorado River, poverty in Montana, to wildfires in California. Students produced videos, webcomics, slideshows, digital pamphlets, posters, petitions, donation boxes, and more to explain the challenges and the action they propose.

Between June 1 and 15, the students invite the community to participate. You can explore the projects online, and you can find posters and flyers at the Upper Campus, as well as donation item collection boxes, opportunities to sign petitions, write cards and letters, and scan QR codes for more information and suggestions. Please note that once all donation items are collected, Bindy Fleischman will ship them to the corresponding organizations the students researched.

The ‘Activate Your Agency’ project aims to show students that while many problems do exist, so do many solutions! By taking action themselves, they can inspire others, and many people taking small actions can lead to significant change.

Please join them!