GISB Students Score in German Computer Science Competition


Grade 9 and 10 students at German International School Boston successfully participated in the German computer science competition “Informatik-Biber”, which is the largest computer science competition for students in grades 3 – 13 in Germany. 

We are thrilled to congratulate the following students who received awards based on their scores – Well done!

  • 1st Prize: Luca Bohnet Zurcher ‘24, Victoria Goldmann ‘24, Nedim Srkalovic ‘24, Hanna Süßenbach ‘24 
  • 2nd Prize: Carl-Philipp Henckel ‘24, Lukas Schneider ‘24 
  • 3rd Prize: Ida von Gadow ‘25, Luca Nielsen ‘25, Juan Puertas Rodriguez ‘25 

Informatik-Biber, which takes place annually in November, is Germany’s biggest computer science competition for school-age children. Supported by the Max Planck Institut für Informatik, the Fraunhofer Institut, and others, the competition promotes problem-solving in real-life scenarios using computer-scientific approaches. In November 2021, more than 420,000 students participated in the competition, including many from international schools. Click here to learn more about Informatik-Biber.