German International School Boston turns 20!

German International School Boston is excited to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this school year! GISB was founded by a dedicated group of German parents and Boston community members and was officially inaugurated by German President Johannes Rau. In the 2001-2002 school year, nine kindergarteners and eight first and second graders attended the school.

It took the two founders Bodo Reinisch and Ernst Matthiensen, who also served on the Board of Trustees, four years of perseverance and strategic planning to move the school from idea to reality. Ernst Matthiensen recalls, “I was told that what we wanted to do was completely unrealistic. But there is always a way and the engagement of our parents made it all possible.”

Today, GISB welcomes over 280 students from around the world on its two campuses and is proud to be one of only four schools in the United States to offer the German International Abitur. GISB is also recognized as a German Excellent School and a German MINT (STEM) school. We are grateful to the dedicated parents and community members who believed in the vision to open a school that provides a globally-minded, bilingual education. We are looking forward to celebrating this school year with our community near and far!

Pictures: Federal President of Germany Johannes Rau receives artwork from a student at the inauguration ceremony in 2001 (top), Federal President Johannes Rau with parents and students at inaugurations ceremony (right), Federal President of Germany Johannes Rau with GISB Co-founder Ernst Matthiensen at GISB’s inauguration ceremony (left).