Celebrating a Season of Futsal Excellence!

Our teams displayed exceptional skill and teamwork throughout the Futsal season, leading to memorable victories. From the first whistle to the final buzzer, our players exemplified dedication and passion for the sport, showcasing their abilities on the court with each game they played. With victories secured by our High School and Grades 3/4 teams and our 7/8 team earning a well-deserved runner-up position, it was a testament to the hard work and dedication of our talented players—also, a special shoutout to our Grades 5/6 team for their efforts and teamwork throughout the season.

During a recent schoolwide event, we celebrated the achievements of our futsal teams. Congratulations to all our players for their outstanding achievements, and thank you to the coaches for their support and guidance throughout the season. A heartfelt thank you also goes to  Silvia Hug-Mösinger, Head of our Athletics Department, whose dedication and coordination ensured the celebration was a memorable tribute to our teams’ accomplishments. Here’s to many more seasons of sportsmanship, dedication, and joy!

Explore the photo gallery below to relive the season!