Fasching Festivities!

Fasching is a treasured tradition in Germany filled with spirited celebration. This year, our school fully embraced the Fasching spirit, bringing all the excitement to our campuses. From dancing to traditional German tunes to enjoying the vibrant atmosphere, every moment was filled with Fasching magic!

Our lower campus students enjoyed their own fantastic Fasching party on Friday, and it was a hit! With big smiles on their faces, they paraded through the halls in their fantastic costumes. Guided by our wonderful teachers and staff, the sing-along and dance party had everyone buzzing with excitement. It was a chance for our youngest students to dive into the Fasching spirit and make some amazing memories!

Meanwhile, our upper campus students and staff continued the Fasching celebration on Monday. With GISB’s Head of Athletics Department, Silvia Hug-Mösinger, leading the charge, the gym came alive with song, dance, and laughter as students and staff embraced Fasching’s festive spirit. And to make the celebration even sweeter, everyone indulged in the beloved German tradition of enjoying a Berliner (jelly donut). Thank you to the Parent Association, which generously donated these delightful treats to both campuses. Lastly, a big thank you to Silvia for organizing the celebration. Here’s to many more moments of celebration in the future!

Looking back on the amazing fun at both campuses, we want to thank everyone who made it happen. Whether it was our dedicated teachers, parent association, or enthusiastic students, each and every one of them played a role in making our Fasching celebrations unforgettable! Moments like these highlight our school community, and we look forward to many more joyous occasions together in the future!

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