Facility Committee and Partners

The Facility Committee plays a vital role in ensuring the optimal functioning of our school campus.

Their duties encompass a range of responsibilities, including regular assessments of campus buildings, grounds, utilities, and infrastructure to guarantee they align with the school’s mission and vision. Evaluating space utilization and logistical needs for current and future operations is also key. The Committee prepares comprehensive facility proposals for review and approval by the Board, leveraging expertise from independent parties when necessary. Additionally, they present findings at the annual membership meeting, making recommendations to the Board or Finance Committee on facility planning, maintenance, operations, and budgeting.

The Facility Committee takes center stage in orchestrating the campus expansion project. As the primary group tasked with overseeing this endeavor, the Committee plays a pivotal role in hiring partners, managing resources in a fiscally responsible way, and ensuring adherence to the established timeline. With a focus on efficiency and excellence, the Facility Committee works diligently to bring the vision of an expanded and enhanced campus to fruition, ensuring that every step of the process aligns with GISB’s commitment to providing a top-tier educational environment for its students.

Questions regarding the campus expansion project can be directed to the Facility Committee at campus-expansion@gisbos.org.

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