Exploring the Meaning of Home

Many families at an international school share a formative experience: They or their parents or grandparents left their home country or hometown, sometimes temporarily, but sometimes permanently. Grade 10 students explored the meaning of home (or in German: Heimat) in Ethics class with Maren Wiederrecht and found creative ways to express what home means to them and others. The unit started with improvisational theatre and other playful exercises to explore the topic not only cognitively but also physically and emotionally.

Next, students worked in groups, developing their own responses to the topic using different media. The results include a stop-motion film, a podcast, a news show, an educational video, interviews, and a documentary. Students worked inside and outside the classroom, collected peer feedback, and made revisions before presenting their work to the community. Whether it’s an interview with random people on the street, an interview with refugees from Syria, conversations with artists, friends, and family, or reflections on one’s personal experiences – the range and wealth of ideas was immense. 

What is home? Student videos and podcast: