Ethics: What is Happiness?

group of students

In ethics class, grade 9 students investigated the meaning of happiness: why do we feel it, when do we feel it, and does it feel different for everyone? In groups, they explored what happiness means to them and produced videos highlighting their findings. The resulting videos emphasize that happiness is an individual feeling that can be achieved in various ways, for example, through friendship, family, free time, or hobbies. Some students also explored the opposite side of happiness, when the pressure of wanting to achieve too much can lead one away from happiness.

The project ended with a fun “Oscar” movie screening and awards ceremony. Festively dressed for the occasion, students and teachers watched the films together, and a jury awarded Oscars for creativity and best film. Ethics Teacher Anke Roost gave special recognition for a short documentary that explored to what extent happiness impacts someone’s life and the question of whether happiness can have negative consequences.

Ethics lessons are an integral part of the high school curriculum of German Schools Abroad. They include imparting knowledge and discussing values, religions, and worldviews, as well as philosophical questions, but are committed to neutral presentations that are not tied to any specific faith.

What is Happiness? – Student Videos: