A Visit from Christian Benning Percussion Group

The Christian Benning Percussion Group captivated students and the community with their innovative musical talents. Led by renowned percussionist Christian Benning, the group transformed our gym into a musical haven. 

The day began with a performance and Q&A, which all students were invited to attend. The performers provided a sneak peek into their artistry, discussed various instruments and methods, and answered student questions. This kickoff was followed by engaging workshops, where students in grades 5-11 learned drumming techniques, rhythm, and timing and had the chance to play alongside the professionals.

The evening culminated in a spectacular concert featuring both the Christian Benning Percussion Group and GISB students. The performance showcased captivating beats and unique arrangements, creating an unforgettable musical journey for all attendees.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to the Head of the Music Department, Regine, for coordinating this event and to the German Consulate General Boston for their generous sponsorship. Their support made this extraordinary day of music and learning possible. A big thank you also to Christian Benning, Felix Kolb, Marcel Morikawa, Godwin Schmid, and Patrick Stapleton for engaging with our students and staff, sharing your talents, and providing such a wonderful experience for all.