Career Week at GISB

Each spring, GISB grade 10 students spend a week at a local company, nonprofit organization, or research lab during their career orientation week. This externship is part of GISB’s college and career program and helps students to get acquainted with a real-world workplace and learn more about their own interests and abilities. 

The learning experience starts with researching and applying for a career week opportunity. Students reach out to local organizations, prepare resumes, and attend interviews. During the actual career orientation week, students have the possibility to shadow professionals, take over small projects, and learn more about the industry. In 2023, opportunities ranged from learning about data visualization and machine learning at Harvard University and Novartis, green infrastructure management at Arboretum Park Conservancy, to spending the week with curators at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. Students also had the opportunity to apply for an externship at GISB, for example, learning about private school marketing in the Marketing & Communications Department or supporting PE teachers in the Sports Department.

The program received positive feedback from students and employers alike. Shobi Steen, a student at GISB, says, “Career week is a great opportunity to gain insights into a professional environment early in high school.“ And she explains, ”The internship allowed for extensive personal growth and the discovery of potential opportunities for the future. It was intellectually stimulating and provided an opportunity to apply academic knowledge to practical situations.“

Student working on a laptopTo learn more about where our students spent their career orientation week this spring, visit GISB on Instagram and check out the Career Week highlights.

Hugo Pardo Kowalski, grade 10 student and career orientation week intern at the GISB Marketing & Communications Department, contributed to this blog and the related social media posts.