Board of Trustees hires gpe-Projekt as School Building Consultant

Daniel Fleer from gpe-Projekt plays a vital role in crafting a long-term master plan for the campus expansion 2025. Daniel and his team bring expertise in architectural design, construction management, and educational facility planning to ensure the expansion aligns with the school’s vision, educational goals, and budgetary constraints. The main objective for the first phase is to assess the current infrastructure, analyze spatial needs, and conduct a feasibility study to propose sustainable and functional solutions. Daniel collaborates with stakeholders, including the Board of Trustees, school leadership and staff to gather input. Through careful planning and strategic foresight, gpe-Projekt helps the school create a comprehensive blueprint for growth, optimizing space, enhancing the learning environment and securing available funding from Germany. Daniel’s extensive experience in designing schools in Germany and throughout the network of International German Schools will significantly influence the architectural and functional aspects of the school buildings on both Holton Street and Belmont Street.

Photo Credit: gpe-Projekt