Grade 5 Students Take Action (and Want You to do it, too!)

How can you take what you learned in school and turn it into action? This was the question English Teacher Bindy Fleischman explored with her grade 5 students. Learn how you can help as well.

2023 Alumni Reunion

GISB welcomed alumni to its first-ever reunion! They gathered for dinner and attended a panel discussion to share their experiences with our current high school students.
Pain brushes

Student Art Exhibit

May 21-24, 2024
All student art exhibit at both campuses. Stop by anytime during school hours to view student artwork from preschool to high school.

First site-visit with German School Building Consultant from gpe-Projekt

During the initial visit, Daniel Fleer and Sandra Glados…
Painted sunset

Student Art Auction

June 7 - 15, 2023
This is your chance to win a priceless piece of art created by GISB students across all grades.

Career Week at GISB

This externship is part of GISB’s college and career program and helps students to get acquainted with a real-world workplace and learn more about their own interests and abilities.

Grade 11 Students Meet with Holocaust Survivor

Students had the opportunity to meet Holocaust survivor Nick Hope at the KZ Dachau Memorial Site near Munich.
Computer on desk

Spring Membership Meeting

June 7, 2023, 6:30 – 8:00 PM
This event will take place in person at the Upper Campus.