„Wir haben uns einfach in die Gemeinschaft und die Umgebung hier verguckt.“

We simply fell in love with the community and environment here and sincerely appreciate that kindness and independence are such strong values at the Lower Campus. We mainly hoped that our son would learn German – and he has! But then we realized that there was so much more he could get out of school that we had not even hoped for. There is a big focus on independence. It is great how often they go outside, regardless of the weather. That is something we really value and that we are trying to do at home as well. This is something we had not seen at other schools here. It gets quite cold in Boston – and the answer at GISB is: just wear the right clothes! We also see at home how much he cares about things like helping around the house, setting the table, cleaning up … that is a value we see a lot here. Learning the German language, values and culture is a great benefit. And understanding the values and culture of another part of the world has really increased our child’s cultural sensitivity.

Kinder in:

Preschool & grade 1

Das mögen sie besonders:

Die deutsche Kultur und wie an der Schule unterrichtet wird.