Recent Happenings: Spring 2024

As the school year comes to a close, it has been filled with a series of exciting events and happenings. Here is a recap of the recent activities that kept everyone busy and engaged.

Fake News Workshop with Lea Feugmann

Some of our middle and high school classes participated in a workshop on “Fake News,” conducted by Lea Feugmann. Lea, a media educator from Cologne, Germany, led sessions for classes 10 and 11 in the morning and classes 8 and 9 in the afternoon. The workshop focused on the challenges of digitalization, specifically how to filter relevant information from the flood of online content and assess its credibility. The aim was to promote information literacy among students and equip them to handle false information competently. The sessions included playful learning activites and active media work to engage the students.

Meet The Alumni: Jens Feugmann

Jens Feugmann, a former ISP student and graduate of the GISB Class of 2018, visited the school to share his experiences and insights with current students. Jens has earned his Bachelor’s degree and is now pursuing a Master’s in Biochemistry at the University of Heidelberg. His visit provided valuable inspiration and guidance to students interested in pursuing similar academic paths.

Speaker Series: Theo Tyson

On May 31st, Theo Tyson, a fashion curator at the MFA, visited GISB to give a talk to the high school students. Theo is known for her work on the sociocultural aspects of race, gender, identity, and sexuality through fashion, art, and culture. During her talk, Theo shared her background, motivations, and insights into her role as a curator, emphasizing the importance of creating spaces for marginalized voices to reclaim narratives and assert authority. Her presentation offered students fresh perspectives on human diversity and the significance of clothing and dress. Thank you to our Student Representatives, Angelica, Lukas, and Shobi for organizing this amazing event! 


This year, two students represented GISB in the prestigious “Jugend Debattiert Weltweit” regional debate competition. Debating is integral to the German curriculum, engaging all Middle and High School students in structured debate units. Through these debates, students earn the opportunity to qualify for regional competitions. This year, two students advanced to the regional level, competing against peers from across North America (Canada, US, Mexico). Käthe von Gadow distinguished herself with compelling arguments on topics including gender-neutral restrooms and a TikTok ban, securing a place in the Top 6. She will now advance to the finals in San Francisco this November.

Reading Competition

The reading competition for grades 5 and 6 took place on Wednesday, May 28th. The week before, class winners were chosen, and the top four students advanced to the next round. Congratulations to Sophie from Grade 6, who emerged as the winner. All participants demonstrated impressive reading skills and dedication. 

As the school year concludes, these events highlight the diverse and enriching experiences our students have had. From engaging workshops and inspiring alumni visits to thought-provoking speaker series and competitive debates, it has been a memorable and busy time for everyone involved.