GISB Hosts Design Workshops with gpe Projekt

GISB was pleased to host Daniel Fleer and Sandra Glados from gpe Projekt from May 6 – 8 2024 to lead Design Concept workshops with an array of stakeholders at the school.

The first day was spent with Pedagogical Leadership to introduce the design concept for the new and current buildings. Discussion delved deep into nurturing spaces for learning, collaboration and innovation with time for open questions with the group.

The following day, meetings were held with the Board of Trustees and the Facility Committee. Here, the proposed design concept received the crucial stamp of approval, paving the way for concrete building plans.

On the final day, representatives from GISB, GPE, Behnisch Architects and their building consultants gathered to bridge vision with reality. Discussions centered on Concept, Scope, and Cost Estimates, ensuring alignment between aspirations and feasibility.

These meetings symbolize more than architectural deliberations; they signify a commitment to crafting spaces that transcend functionality, embodying innovation, and inclusivity. Each discussion brings GISB closer to realizing renewed educational spaces that inspire, empower, and shape futures.