Celebrating Milestones: 2024 Graduation and Abiball

Celebrate our students' achievements with highlights from our Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony!

Besuch von Harfenistin Franziska Huhn

Am 9. Mai bekamen die Schüler der Klassen 3 und 4 im Rahmen ihres Musikunterrichts Besuch von einer Harfenistin.

GISB Hosts Design Workshops with gpe Projekt

GISB was pleased to host Daniel Fleer and Sandra Glados from gpe…

Flea Market

On April 27, GISB's lively flea market featured cake sale, candy floss, mocktails, and strong community spirit.

GISB gibt neuen Schulleiter bekannt

GISB is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Johannes Schwehm as the new Head of School.

Microgreen Project

Learn more about this exciting hands-on project exploring the world of microgreens under the guidance of Rita from North Allston Farms.

GISB Restaurant Guide

Available Online
Your go-to resource for discovering new restaurants cherished within our vibrant community
Sign at a brick wall

Fasching Festivities

From vibrant costumes to joyful sing-alongs, our Fasching celebrations were filled with unforgettable moments!

Celebrating a Season of Futsal Excellence

Celebrating a Season of Futsal Excellence! Congratulations to all of our teams for their teamwork and dedication throughout the season.