10 Jahre Abitur bei GISB

Wir haben Fotos von allen Abschlussklassen seit 2013 gesammelt. Bist du auf einem der Fotos?

Abiturfeier 2023

26. Mai 2023, 16:00 Uhr
German International School Boston freut sich, den Abiturabschluss der 12. Klasse zu feiern.

Abiball 2023

Sunday, May 28, 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM
The Class of 2023 invites you to celebrate their graduation with a James-Bond-themed evening

Generalkonsulin pflanzt Bäume zum Europatag

Zur Feier des Europatages 2021 pflanzten die deutsche Generalkonsulin Nicole Menzenbach und ihr französischer Kollege Arnaud Mentre einen Baum am Upper Campus.

Street Art | Project Peace

In response to recent racial injustice and human inequality, grades 11 and 12 were asked to express their thoughts on peace through Street Art Style installations, under the guidance of their art teacher Utku Wanami.

30 Years of German Unity

In connection with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of German reunification, our 12th graders conducted a project for which they interviewed contemporary witnesses.

GISB Student Writes Winning Essay in JCRC Israel Arbeiter Holocaust Essay Contest

The contest, established by Holocaust Survivor Israel (Izzy) Arbeiter, provides students with a platform to share the lessons they have learned and express their commitment to work towards a more equitable world.