Bundesjugendspiele 2024

The Bundesjugendspiele 2024 took place on June 4, uniting students from all grades for a day of sports and fun. Participants competed in various athletic events, including sprints, endurance runs, long jumps, and throwing activities. Adding to the day’s festivities, students and staff enjoyed a wonderful BBQ lunch. This provided a much-needed refresh after a long morning of activity and an opportunity for everyone to relax, socialize, and enjoy time together. 

The success of the event was a testament to the hard work of the organizers and the enthusiasm of the students. The Sports Department deserves special recognition for continuing this cherished tradition and coordinating such a fantastic event. Gratitude is also extended to all staff and volunteers whose dedication brought the day to life. Together, they created a day filled with fun, unity, and unforgettable memories.