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Grade 7-12 Dance Lessons


Tonbandgeraet Concert

Today at 10 am the Secondary School students went to see the band “Tonbandgerät”, which is one of Germany’s most popular indie pop bands. Boston is the band’s last stop and their goal is to promote the study of German among young Americans. This tour was organized by the Goethe Institute. To read more about the band and the tour click here!



Trip to Konditor Meister Bakery

Konditor Meister is a school sponsor. Thank you for making this Christmas field trip fun, education and delicious!







Budding Artists

Here is a wide range of recent artwork from our student body.













Decordova Museum Vorschule & Class 1/2

On Thursday, September 5, 2013 the Vorschule, accompanied by the 1/2 classes, took their first field trip of the year. Loaded into a huge yellow school bus the group drove through the rain to arrive at DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park just as the sun came out. After a quick snack we set off exploring the sculptures tucked among trees and on grassy hills. For some of the installations the museum had arranged for guides to explain what we were looking at, for example the large stone head with its ear to the ground. Was it listening to the sounds of the earth? We listened too! At some of the sculptures we discussed what we observed and then tried our own hands at it. After observing one bronze art work entitled Manna, the children received small marshmallows and toothpicks and built their own sculptures which we then displayed in our mini-park! One installation called Vision was a pine tree in which countless glass eyes were imbedded. We reflected as to what the tree has seen in its many years and what it might see in the future. The children made some lovely drawings of the tree’s visions. Fun did not come up too short since we were able to be outside and run and play in and around many sculptures, including the glass house and the Musical Fence by Paul Matisse, grandson of the famous Henri Matisse. Although we were all quite tired as the bus let us out at 2:00, it was a day we will certainly not forget for a long time. We were able to see only a fraction of the museum and would therefore encourage all families to visit on their own.




Apple Picking Vorschule & Class 1/2

This group went Apple Picking & enjoyed this fall experience!




Class 3/4 Field Trip to Sturbridge Village

On the 2nd of October, we visited a museum village, depicting the lives of the people around 1830. In an old school house, we were allowed to take part in a lesson, as if in this time period. As a student you had to bow to the teacher and learn a lot by heart. The writing was then known as Suetterlin and was written with a sharpened pen and ink. In the pottery barn we experienced how pottery was produced. It was also exciting to experience at 12 o’clock in the village square an old shot gun that was loaded & fired. Finally, we were able to help the farmers saw through large wooded beams. It was quite exhausting!




Museum of Science / Butterfly House Class 5/6

The cheerful bunch of forty 5/6 grade students had a wonderful field trip to the Museum of Science and the Butterfly House there. We are studying flight and flying objects and our students enjoyed lots and lots of hands on experiments in small groups at the Museum. Mr Schober and Ms Dürselen the classroom teachers thank all chaperones for their great support!




Class 7/8 Field Trip to the Harvard Book Shop

On September 6th, the 7/8 went to The Harvard Book Store with the theme Gutenberg and the book press. There we learned about the ‘Espresso Machine’ which is a machine that prints books. We also printed their own books, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and Treasure Island by Robert L. Stevenson. After, our class walked through Harvard Campus and the Cambridge Commons. On the way, we stumbled upon a small fair. At the Cambridge Commons, we ate lunch and relaxed for a couple hours.




Class 9-12 Field Trip to Plimoth Plantation

In the course of the annual Student Orientation Week classes 9-12 examined the topic American Dream/ Promised Land. The theme immigration played an important role in the cross-curricular project as many students have gained their own experiences with moving to another country. The classes examined motives, opportunities and challenges as well as consequences of immigration in Germany and in the USA from a historical, political and social point of view. America, the Nation of Immigrants, offers a very diverse range of topics, from the Pilgrims in the 17th century to the most recent controversial immigration laws. It became clear how the American Dream has changed for many people over the centuries and how the expectations the immigrants had were different from reality. To experience how the early settlers lived when they arrived in America, the students embarked on a journey to the 17th century, on their field trip to Plimoth Plantation.