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Welcome to the GISB!

Individual attention, bilingual instruction in small class sizes, and innovative curricula often appear in the German educational landscape as mere intentions rather than as a given practice. At the German International School Boston, however, these concepts are put into action every day. Situated in Boston, the academic heart of New England, the GISB as a German Auslandschule has successfully established itself and has grown rapidly since it was founded in 2001.

Over the course of the last six years, the number of students enrolled at the GISB has almost tripled.  In the school year 2011 – 2012, a new Oberstufenzentrum, corresponding to American grades 11 and 12, was constructed and established to serve students on the university track. Students now have the opportunity to earn both a Massachusetts High School Diploma and the German International Abitur (DIAP). With these two degrees, our students are equipped to attend any prestigious American or European university.

The GISB caters to both German-speaking parents who want their children to continue their German education, and also to American families and families with international backgrounds. The point is not to prescribe a one-size-fits-all program but to grant our students the chance for early acquisition of a 2nd language, and to offer them guided support via a specifically tailored competence-oriented curriculum.

The GISB distinguishes itself through its diverse student body.  Currently students from around 20 different nationalities are enrolled at the school. This diverse student body creates an international environment within which students are exposed to intercultural experiences and learn both with and from each other. Parents confirm: “Our children have learned through the diversity in the classroom and the leadership of the teachers to evaluate others on their own merits first, instead of judging them according to pre-conceived notions. In other words, they think globally.”

As a fundamental credo of our approach, the school has developed a curriculum that is true to the individual potential and needs of each student and drives them to reflect on and to be accountable for their own development. Our program consists of well-established instructional components from the German curriculum as well as carefully selected content from the American school system. Critical thinking and collaborative skills are presented in the classroom and further emphasized in innovative projects and assignments.

During school trips into the nearby Berkshire Mountains, where students hike, rock climb and do water sports or while snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in New Hampshire, students put into practice concepts like teamwork and social responsibility. The advantages of the New England scenery are not just picturesque: it also provides an instructional backdrop that allows our students to build and guide their own personal development.

Essential to this approach is our ongoing investment in the institutional infrastructure of cooperative work, school program development, and a continuously evolving program of pedagogical training for teachers and staff. Highly trained and motivated teachers in a clearly structured program are of the greatest importance to our mission. Our teachers’ commitment to students, their expertise in cutting-edge teaching techniques and methods of classroom management, and their steady encouragement of students’ ability to work independently in a supportive learning environment all contribute decisively to our students’ success.

The German International School Boston is accredited by the City of Boston as well as the German government – the Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA).  Along with the GISB, the ZfA oversees more than 140 other German Schools Abroad worldwide and supports them financially, providing both infrastructure and personnel.  In its first School Inspection by the ZfA in May 2012 the school passed with distinction and was awarded the title "Excellent Foreign School Abroad" by German President Gauck.

We cordially invite you to learn more about our program: through this website, at one of our events or by meeting us in person.