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Academic Program

We offer classes ranging from Kindergarten (starting age 3) through High School.


School Mission & Class Information

Empowering Students for Success in a Global World


The school is an accredited member of the worldwide network of international schools that are supported by the German Government. Our program combines a German curriculum with elements of international, American and Massachusetts educational curricula, so that our students will eventually have the choice to study at European or American universities.

At our school students follow a syllabus tailored to their individual potential and needs. In a bilingual environment and cross-year learning groups, GISB teachers are dedicated to creating a learning environment that empowers our students to gradually develop responsibility for their own personal and academic growth and to become genuine student team participants. The GISB students experience an international setting and stimulating atmosphere that will help them to grow into self-reliant, knowledgeable, open-minded and socially responsible world citizens.
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