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Teaching at GISB:

Teachers at the German International School Boston are committed to educational excellence for all students.  They strive to meet the needs of a diverse, multi-language student population by providing the skills and tools necessary to reach their high academic standards. Our teachers' commitment to students, their expertise in cutting-edge teaching techniques and methods of classroom management, and their steady encouragement of students' ability to work independently in a supportive learning environment all contribute decisively to our students' success. 


Qualification for subjects taught in German or bilingually: 

Minimum Requirements:
First and Second State Examination
for elementary education (grades 1-4/6), and/or secondary education (grades 5-10/13), or equivalent*

Preferred Qualifications:

  • proficiency in English
  • certification for both elementary and secondary level (grades 1-10)
  • flexibility in teaching area (multiple certifications or experience)
  • successful experience with cross-year learner groups


Qualifications for subjects taught in English:


Minimum Requirements:
Teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree with a major in education and required student teaching experience.


Preferred Qualifications:
Teachers should have a Master’s degree and at least two years of full-time or part-time, professional educational experience in elementary/secondary education.


When selecting teachers we focus on those who exhibit strengths in the following areas:

  • ability to problem-solve
  • organizational skills
  • leadership skills
  • human relations
  • oral and written communication
  • personal motivation
  • educational values


*In Germany, teacher training for all types of schools consists of at least four to five years of academic training at a university followed by two years of student trainee course. After completing all required courses at the university, students finish their university studies with the First State Examination (Erstes Staatsexamen) and then undergo two years of training as a student teacher before taking the Second State Examination (Zweites Staatsexamen) to become a nationally certified teacher. A pass in the First State Examination is the requirement for admission to the trainee service. The first Staatsexamen examination is at a level equivalent or higher to a master's degree.